Prisoner support in the US: links & resources

The holidays are coming, don’t forget to support prisoners in these dark times! Below, you’ll find some links to Books to Prisoners projects, Mutual Aid, and other prisoner support resources in the US. Stay tuned for more links to campaigns and resources.
Solidarity is our weapon!
Illustration: Panopticons (2019), with text: Solidarity is our weapon - against all prisons.

Books to Prisoners

Break down barriers of isolation with the gift of a book: Here are two websites, both supporting US-prisoners.
The website first states that they are not taking donations, but if you look a bit further they are taking web-based donations and are still sending books to prisoners. Based in Seattle. Running since 1973.
Sends books in and around Pennsylvania and surrounding states. While still working to send books to prisoners, they were able to raise 20k a few months ago to support those affected by incarceration and COVID-19!

Other Ways to Support

Covid is ransacking the US, especially in prisons. Here are some resources:
Prisoner Support Guide for the Coronavirus Crisis:
Very useful if you are already in touch with someone in prison, as well as if you want to begin to support someone!

Mutual Aid & Other Resources

Law centers in the US: