Tattoo Circus 2020 poster: Solidarity is our weapon. Chained hands, green on blue print.
ORANSSI ry, Suvilahti
KAASUTEHTAANKATU 1, Building / rakennus #11


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Tattoo Circus is an annual, 3-day-long tattoo fair and abolitionist solidarity event.

All profits from tattoos and other fundraising during the event go directly to anti-repression work and supporting antiauthoritarian political prisoners.

Tattoo Circus Helsinki gathers an amazing and talented line-up of tattoo artists, from near and far, who contribute their time, work, and skills to this cause. In addition, this event is made possible with the generous help and contributions from many other volunteering artists, performers, speakers, collectives, and individuals.

The Prison-Industrial Complex is a culmination of all the multiple forms of oppression which also exist in the rest of society: racism, colonial exploitation, militarization, patriarchy, and capitalist class structures. The nation-state, which up-holds policing and prison systems, is based on the same foundations.

Tattoo Circus Helsinki is not fighting a single-issue struggle: it is an anarchist community event that seeks to inspire and provide space for organizing against oppression, repression, and the Prison-Industrial Complex in all its forms. 

It is our hope that Tattoo Circus Helsinki can be a space for learning about, coming together, and strengthening our solidarity, diversity, mutual-aid, trust, and liberatory practices.





Oranssi has two unisex toilets, one of which is accessible by wheelchair. 

The main floor of Oranssi, where all program and part of the tattooing takes place, is wheelchair accessible. Some tattoo artists will work in an upstairs studio, behind a staircase. If you book your tattoo from an artist in advance and inform them/us about accessibility needs, we can make sure that their workspace is accessible by wheelchair. The booking opens on August 10th.

Visitors and volunteering crew are strongly encouraged to avoid wearing scented products, to minimize the risk of allergic reactions, migraines, and illnesses.



To consider the safety and health of everyone attending, there will be no stage program or socializing in TC2020, apart from tattoo sessions, a handful of distros, and an opportunity to write letters to comrades in prison.

There will be some specific arrangements and safety guidelines due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Read them through if you plan to get a tattoo.

Taking care of safety precautions, distancing, and not showing up sick is everybody’s common responsibility. Meanwhile, the TC collective is working to further address and minimize the risks at the event. We take the current COVID-19 situation seriously and set precautions respectively. More info will be found on our website and antisocial media channels closer to the event.

As we cannot predict, during these uncertain times, what September will bring and whether international travel is safe, or possible, the 2020 tattoo artist line-up is locally based, with added forces from the nearby city Tampere. Meanwhile, our solidarity reaches beyond national borders, and our struggles remain forever global.



Abolish prisons and the police – towards a more accountable future.

Best Regards, 

Tattoo Circus Helsinki collective






Tattoo Circus Helsinki in vuosittainen tatuointiviikonloppu ja vankiloiden vastainen solid



Kaikki rahat tatuoinneista ja muista tuotoista lahjoitetaan suoraan erilaisiin sorron vastaisiin kamppailuihin ja antiautoritääristen poliittisten vankien tueksi.

Joka vuosi Tattoo Circus Helsinki tuo yhteen joukon upeita ja lahjakkaita tatuoijia, jotka lahjoittavat työnsä ja aikansa tähän tarkoitukseen. Lisäksi tapahtuman mahdollistavat osallistumisellaan lukuisat esiintyjät, taiteilijat, puhujat, kollektiivit ja muut vapaaehtoiset.

Vankilateollisella kompleksilla (the prison industrial complex) tarkoitetaan koko vankeuslaitosta ja siitä hyötyvää järjestelmää. Vankilajärjestelmässä toteutuvat kaikki yhteiskunnallisen sorron muodot: rasismi, kolonialismi, militarisointi, patriarkaatti ja kapitalistiset luokkarakenteet. Poliisilaitosta ja vankilajärjestelmää ylläpitävä kansallisvaltio perustuu samoihin sorron rakenteisiin.


ttoo Circus Helsinki ei ole yhden asian liike: anarkistisena yhteisötapahtumana sen tarkoitus on tarjota tilaa sorron, repression ja vankilajärjestelmän vastustamiselle niiden kaikissa muodoissa.

Toivomme, että Tattoo Circus Helsinki tarjoaa oppimis- ja kohtaamispaikan, jossa solidaarisuuden, moninaisuuden, vastavuoroisen avun, luottamuksen ja vapauden kulttuuri voi kasvaa ja vahvistua.





Oranssilla on kaksi sukupuolittamatonta vessaa, joista toinen on esteetön pyörätuolin käyttäjille.

Oranssin alakerta, jossa kaikki ohjelma ja osa tatuoinnista tapahtuu, on esteetön. Osa tatuoijista työskentelee esteellisissä tiloissa porraskäytävän päässä. Jos varaat ajan tatuoijalle etukäteen ja ilmoitat esteettömyystarpeista, voimme varmistaa tatuoijallesi paikan esteettömästä työtilasta. Varauskirjat aukeavat 10. elokuuta. 

Tapahtumaan osallistujia kehotetaan välttämään hajustettujen tuotteiden käyttämistä ja siten minimoimaan allergisten reaktioiden, migreenien ja sairastumisen riskit.



Kaikkien osallistujien terveyden suojelemiseksi vuoden 2020 Tattoo Circuksessa ei ole tatuointien ja muutaman distron lisäksi ole lava- tai muuta yleisäohjelmaa.

Hygieniaan liittyvät varotoimet, etäisyyden säilyttäminen muihin ja sairastumisriskien minimointi on kaikkien osallistujien yhteinen vastuu. Järjestäjäkolllektiivi pyrkii lisäksi paikantamaan ja minimoimaan tapahtumaan liittyvät tartuntariskit. Suhtaudumme nykyiseen COVID-19-tilanteeseen vakavasti ja teemem erityisjärjestelyjä sen mukaisesti.

COVID-19-pandemian takia tapahtumassa noudatetaan seuraavia turvallisuusohjeita. Lue ne läpi tarkkaan, jos suunnittelet tatskan ottamista.

Koska näinä epävarmoina aikoina emme voi ennustaa syyskuun tilannetta ja sitä, onko ulkomaan matkailu turvallista tai mahdollista, vuonna 2020 tatuoijien kokoonpano koostuu paikallisista artisteista ja Tampereen lisävahvistuksista. Sen sijaan solidaarisuutemme ei katso valtoiden rajoja, ovathan kamppailumme ikuisesti globaaleja.


Alas vankilat ja poliisi kohti vapaata ja vastuullista tulevaisuutta!


Parhain terveisin,

Tattoo Circus Helsinki -kollektiivi


Tattoo Circus Helsinki collective has decided to postpone Tattoo Circus Helsinki 2020 due to the Coronavirus pandemic.


We are looking into possibilities to arrange the event in autumn. You are still invited to the event whenever it will take place and we will get back to you when we have more information.

A near-global pandemic is now evident. However, how fast and aggressive the outbreak will be, will affect how many people in critical condition will be getting crucial medical attention. As a collective, we encourage everyone to take care and act responsibly by taking measures to slow down the spreading of the epidemy. Flattening the curve” in this context means that a large number of future infections will be distributed along a longer time period so that all those in critical condition and need of hospitalcare can hopefully get the necessary treatment within limited healthcare resources. Members of the capitalist elite who disregard these statistics and put breaks on serious responses to this health crisis are doing so to protect profits over people’s lives.

How everyone can impact the spread of the disease is to avoid crowds and gatherings and support each other from a distance: especially those left without basic income in this crisis and those who risk losing their lives if they get infected.

Those who work in the medical field, caregiving jobs, food supply chain, and basic infrastructure, need safe and non-crowded travel options to get to their workplaces. For this, it is especially important to sustain but not to crowd public transport, and save it for those who need it for others’ or their own wellbeing. Cycling, walking, and strolling in nature is a good option for those who need to spend time outside of the home to stay mentally together.

This is our ’absence is caring’ call-out on COVID19 and basic solidarity with the elderly, sick people, the homeless, refugees in camps and prisoners
, that have a high risk of getting exposed to the infection and who most likely will get the least support when in need. Obviously, our demands are to abolish all prisons and to open the borders.

We want to encourage everybody to focus on mutual aid work and to take this moment to reflect on how the responses to this crisis, widely displayed by the capitalist elite and governments, look like and how it will affect the societies ‘under’ them. Besides a severe death toll, we are certain that this will have an aftermath of an extreme economic crisis, that will (again) be affecting already marginalized groups of people the most and might be instrumentalized for just another jump to the extreme right. We assume that many governments are preparing counter-insurgency measures, as we speak. The time to organise is far from a hiatus. It’s time for our solidarity to become more practical on all levels, time for an anarchist approach.

Take care.

Tattoo Circus Helsinki collective

Artists 2020!

Time to announce an amazing line-up of tattoo artists joining us once again! 🖤🖤🖤


TALI BAAL (Helsinki)

Max Spoljaric (Helsinki)

Vega Hägglund (Helsinki)

Kuutti Kiperä (Tampere)


Olli (Helsinki)


Note that not all artists do customs, while some might be happy to create custom works at request (and charge some 💸 for that worktime). And please keep in mind that each tattoo session should preferably be maximum 3 hours long, to give space for as many people as possible to get tattooed:)


8.-10.5.2020 @Oranssi, Suvilahti

What is Tattoo Circus? 

Tattoo Circus is an annual, 3-day-long tattoo convention and solidarity event.

All profits from tattoos and other fundraisings go directly to anti-repression work and supporting political prisoners.

Every year, Tattoo Circus Helsinki gathers an amazing and talented line-up of tattoo artists, from near and far, to contribute their time, work and skills to this cause. In addition, this event is made possible with the generous help and contributions from many other artists, performers, collectives and other crew.

The Prison-Industrial Complex deals with isolation but it is not isolated.

The Prison-Industrial Complex is connected to and thrives off racism, colonial exploitation, militarisation, patriarchy and capitalism.

Tattoo Circus Helsinki is not a single-issue struggle. We are a radical community event seeking to inspire and provide space for organising against repression and prison culture in all its forms.

It is our hope that Tattoo Circus Helsinki can be a space for learning, coming together and strenthgening a culture of solidarity, diversity, mutual-aid, trust and liberatory practices.

In Tattoo Circus Helsinki you can:

  • be tattooed by amazing artists (TBA soon)
  • enjoy performaces and other program
  • find books and zines from local distros
  • write letters to political prisoners
  • hear talks about anti-repression struggles
  • get updates on solidarity campaigns
  • help out by joining the volunteer crew


Against prisons – towards a more accountable future



Time to announce our Guest Tattoo Artists of 2019! Hooray!

We are beyond happy to have such an amazing line-up of tattoo artists joining us once again! We missed the old faces and can’t wait to meet the new ones.

Check out the supacool artists of Helsinki Tattoo Circus 2019 below and on the artists’ pages! 🐒📯

Reservation books are also now open. So you, dear soli-customer, are officially allowed to email/ DM /smoke signal the artists about available times and tattoo requests…






TALI BAAL (Helsinki)



Note that not all artists do customs, while some might be happy to create custom works at request (and charge some 💸 for that worktime). And please keep in mind that each tattoo session should preferably be maximum 3 hours long, to give space for as many people as possible to get tattooed:)


Hurraa! On aika julkistaa vuoden 2019 tatuoijat!
Vanhoja tuttuja oli jo ikävä, ja uusien tapaamista odotellaan suurella innolla. Tämän(kin) vuoden kokoonpano on niin upea että itku tulee 😭💜

Täten varauskirjat ovat virallisesti auenneet, bäng! Nyt saa siis ihan luvan kanssa ottaa yhteyttä myös tatskaajiin, esittää tyhmiä ja viisaita kysymyksiä ja tiedustella vapaita aikoja.

Vapaita flasheja ja lisäinfoa tatuoijista julkaistaan pian ja nopealla syötöllä. Kannattaa siis pysyä kuulolla, ottaa viidakkopuhelin kauniiseen käteen ja kilauttaa kaverillekin! 🐒📯

Huom! Kaikki tatuoijat eivät tee custom-kuvia; silloin kannattaa kärkkyä vapaana olevia luonnoksia ja flasheja. Toiset taas piirtävät custom-kuvia mielellään (usein pientä korvausta vastaan). Otathan myös huomioon, että tatskan tekemisen ihanteellinen kesto on korkeintaan kolme tuntia: näin mahdollisimman moni innokas ehtii neulan alle 10.-12.5.

Trans Prisoner Day of Action and Solidarity: greetings and resources

A week has past from our small collective effort on Trans Prisoner Day of Action and Solidarity. Big thanks to all who participated in Helsinki or elsewhere!

Whether you took part in an event or on your own, or missed the date this year, 22 January is not the only day you can send supportive mail to political prisoners. Below are gathered some links to letter-writing resources: we hope you find them useful throughout the year.

Letter writing about to begin. 22 January 2019.

Transgender political prisoners listed in the campaign (currently only US prisoners):

Under the Resources section you can also find links to a bunch of insightful projects and initiatives working towards prison-abolition and ending repression. As for writing guidelines, note that they are US-specific and other in other places policies might differ.

Excellent resource by Brighton Anarchist Black Cross on writing to prisoners, as well as other ways of supporting them. In addition to info about policies in the UK prisons, there are good general tips for getting started. You can also download and print the leaflet-version for your social space, distro or future events!

Note that in Russia, Belarus and many other countries, letters written in English might not get passed on to the prisoners. Generally this goes for many places where English is not widely understood, since the prison staff cannot scan the content.

Other political prisoner lists:

List by Brighton ABC:

Earth First! Prisoner Support Project is on eco-prisoners, caged animal liberationists and prisoners of indigenous land struggles, who share an Earth First! bio-centric viewpoint, either in the actions which led to their arrest or in their general activism. In addition, Earth First maintains a list for political prisoners of allied struggles.

Resources and both prisoner lists can be found in

Eule (“Owl”)

In fall 2018, after months in custody, Eule was sentenced with 9 months of imprisonment without parole for accused actions in the Hambach forest occupation. ”Owl” refused to identify themselves in custody and court, and is thus referred to by court as Unbekannte Person Aachen 8 or UP III.

You can write Eule in English or German. Pamphlets, zines, magazines and xerox copies are allowed, too. Books can be photocopied and sent as individual sheets of paper; also “installments” of cut-out pages from books are okay. Document and index everything that you send and include dates both for your records and in the correspondence.

Address to write to Eule:

unbekannte Person Aachen 8
JVA Köln,
Rochusstraße 350,
50827 Köln

[This post lifted from PinkkiMusta blog, thank you!]